Aisha is a Seattle based versatile powerhouse singer, determined to bring back classic Rock n' Roll.  In 2012, she started an all female Soundgarden tribute band, capturing audiences with her natural and authentic delivery of Chris Cornell's powerful vocals.   

In 2018, she is embarking on a solo career as a rock artist and songwriter.  Her first single, Bring Back Rock n' Roll, is a bluesy instant-classic rock anthem; pining for the days when rock n' roll ruled the world.  With influences such as Aerosmith, Paul Rodgers, Chris Cornell, Whitney Houston, The Black Crowes, and Prince, Aisha has a familiar yet unique vocal style that will surely one day place her in the ring with the rock n' roll big dogs. 

Be sure to catch Aisha live around Seattle with her new band, consisting of guitarist Kathy Moore, bassist Rose McMayhem, and drummer Chase Culp.